Modal Music & Musicians in Canada

Modal music is gaining popularity in Canada and is defined as a different approach to music, the sound world, and thinking. Modal music in Canada is a broad topic that can be understood with ease by artists.

The level of understanding of modal music is also on a higher level. The modal genres and themes incorporated help in the explanation of the modal music among the Canadian artist.

Modal music is the description of musical traditions which originate from West Africa to China.  It contrasts with the harmony-driven approach used in the West and with which most people are familiar.

In most instances, modal music indicates the different opinions on how individuals learn and teach music. The modal music is composed fantastic, and the user is restricted on the next song since the phrasing here is vital.

The presentation is also different since it involves three musicians who originate from various settings, and they perform on stage together. The musicians get an opportunity to interact and hear from each other while still performing.

Labyrinth Ontario is a group in Ontario that aims to promote modal music in the region. The group’s director, Araz Salek, is a well-experienced traditional Iranian musician, and he plays a traditional Iranian instrument known as the Tar.

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