How Vaping Has Changed Over The Years

Tobacco use has been thoroughly enjoyed for as early as 5000-3000 BC. According to Vaping suppliers,  its popularity has reportedly seen an incredible rise during the colonial era.
The nicotine derived from tobacco has been in steady demand for years, continuously giving rise to different ways to acquire it.
According to studies, the use of E-cigarettes such as vaping has been more popular than traditional tobacco nowadays.
So, how did vaping come about?
The first known mention of an E-cigarette patent was in the 1930s.  It was given to a Joseph Robinson, the one who …

Kardinal Offishall Promoted by Universal Music Canada (UMC)

UMC has made an update that the award-winning, multi-platinum, and producer Kardinal Offishall has appeared in the books as the senior deputy president of A&R. A&R is a coalition whose aim is to support and promote both the current and upcoming artistic legends across the globe.
Working together with British mega-producer Harmony Samuels has helped significantly in promoting Kardinal. According to the CEO of UMC, Kardinal is a bold leader, smart label exec, philanthropist, and artist who is well-respected internationally.
Offishall has recently …

Canadian Live Music Association (CLMA) Has Attained its Letter-Writing Goal

CLMA has said that it has reached its goal for the #ForTheLoveOfLIVE campaign. Reports indicate that more than five thousand persons have sent at least thirty thousand letters showing support for Chrystia Freeland, the Minister of Finance.
The core business is to support live music and talented songwriters in Canada. The campaign is also meant to help the people employed in the live music industry improve their skills. The funding is from the concert, festivals, sound supply firms, and other organizations. The Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) aims at enhancing the hard-hit industries to boost their performance in 2021.

Induction of Kim Mitchell into Indies Hall

According to the recent Canadian Music Week news, Kim Mitchell will be introduced to the Indies Hall of Fame, a virtual conference, for three days from 18th May 2021. It is a showcase festival where Kim and other artists will compete for the Jim Beam Indies Awards.
Mitchell is a well-known Toronto guitarist, songwriter, singer, and broadcaster with a record of multiple achievements in multi-platinum commercial success for more than five years. He is a creative rock guitarist and a talented songwriter taking part in Canadian music from the 70s, reporting 1.5 million sales.
The popularity as a solo artist started way back in …