Modal Music & Musicians in Canada

Modal music is gaining popularity in Canada and is defined as a different approach to music, the sound world, and thinking. Modal music in Canada is a broad topic that can be understood with ease by artists.
The level of understanding of modal music is also on a higher level. The modal genres and themes incorporated help in the explanation of the modal music among the Canadian artist.
Modal music is the description of musical traditions which originate from West Africa to China.  It contrasts with the harmony-driven approach used in the West and with which most people are familiar.
In most instances, modal music …

Backxwash & Will Owen Bennett

Ashanti Mutita, commonly known as Backxwash, is a Montreal-based rapper who was born in Zambia. On the album ‘God Has Nothing to Do with This Leave Him Out of It,’ Backxwash & Will Owen Bennett received impressive recognition.
The album is a life experience of the rapper and her challenges of being a transgender woman. On the album, she touches on matters of faith and identity, blending them with hostile vocals.
The two met when Ashanti went to Will Owen’s studio as she featured in another artist’s track. They worked on a record and that is when they worked together on this album.
The coalition of …

How to Make Money via Radio Satellite

Satellite radio such as SiriusXM or Stingray is proved to be a significant promotional opportunity for music. The moment your music lands here, the artist will receive the payment immediately. In most instances, the music is played on digital performance royalties. These are royalties that are collected when your music is played via internet radio.
The royalties are collected every time the music is played via the internet radio such as Pandora, satellite radio services (Sirius XM), and Music Choice. The royalties here are primarily from non-interactive webcasting…