How to Make Money via Radio Satellite

Satellite radio such as SiriusXM or Stingray is proved to be a significant promotional opportunity for music. The moment your music lands here, the artist will receive the payment immediately. In most instances, the music is played on digital performance royalties. These are royalties that are collected when your music is played via internet radio.

The royalties are collected every time the music is played via the internet radio such as Pandora, satellite radio services (Sirius XM), and Music Choice. The royalties here are primarily from non-interactive webcasting, where the user is not at liberty to select the next song.

Information about the digital performance royalties is essential to independent clients who plan to make more than ten thousand dollars every month. The money obtained from the digital performance royalties is typically used in developing a music organization for non-interactive music. The artists who want to have their payment grow monthly should consider the SoundExchange platform and participate in non-interactive streaming services.

After registering in SoundExchange, the user gets a chance to access their favorite artists and choose to play their most preferred songs. The Sound will then collect the payments obtained where the Digital radio service pays the artist constantly per play.

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