Kardinal Offishall Promoted by Universal Music Canada (UMC)

UMC has made an update that the award-winning, multi-platinum, and producer Kardinal Offishall has appeared in the books as the senior deputy president of A&R. A&R is a coalition whose aim is to support and promote both the current and upcoming artistic legends across the globe.

Working together with British mega-producer Harmony Samuels has helped significantly in promoting Kardinal. According to the CEO of UMC, Kardinal is a bold leader, smart label exec, philanthropist, and artist who is well-respected internationally.

Offishall has recently released a trio of significant debuts collaborating with prominent songwriters and performers. This has enabled the A&R coalitions to go to considerable performance levels.

He has been in the frontline in promoting individual talents and substantially building their talent. The alliance has also made tremendous move partnering with prominent and well-known Canadian artists to promote upcoming and current musicians.

Kardinal creativity is another level as far as developing the artistic work is concerned. His relations with other artists who have shared their life experiences have greatly helped upcoming artists. Other artists have also been able to grow their careers and a chance to display their talents on a global stage.

These experiences have also strengthened Kardinal in all perspectives. Besides, the coalition has enabled Offishall to make more discoveries in creative arts.

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