Music in Canada

Most Popular Music in Canada – People, Genre, and Artists

Music has always been a companion for us, through thick and thin and from the happiest to the lowest moods. It is a major source of happiness for people worldwide as it helps them forget their daily struggles and provides them with something to live for. Additionally, music breaks every cultural and language barrier between nations and unites people across the world.

The Canadian People and Their Love for Music

One of the first countries to legalize CBD products, Canada is surely a jolly country, and you can tell with its music. For the Canadian people, the music goes beyond being a simple source of entertainment. Music is a way of life to them. Their love for music can be seen in the diverse history of music in Canada. As a matter of fact, one of the world’s largest music industries is located in Canada.

When mentioning the group of people who have contributed immensely to music legacy and tradition in Canada, we must mention the British, French, and Irish people. This article discusses Canada’s most popular music in 2021.

One form of music or the other is promoted in every household, institution, or organization, including churches, record companies, television and radio stations, art institutions, and many more, as they produce more musicians in different genres daily.

Canadian artists have contributed immensely to the development of music over the years. To this day, they are known worldwide to have produced many music genres and subgenres.

Most Popular Music Genres in Canada

The music industry in Canada has been dynamic and thriving for over a century. The country’s multicultural nature has contributed to a diverse and rich musical heritage. It is a perfect place for music lovers of different tastes.

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) has recently released Canada’s first-ever music data report. The information is based on a study done by the Music Broadcast Measurement Project (MBMP) over two years.

Canada’s most popular genre is alternative rock, with folk music and modal music following very closely based on the report. The popular music statistics for Canada are listed as follows; Alternative rock music with 21. 6% popularity rate and folk music with 21% (coming second in the ranking).

Rock came third with 13.8%, and pop music with 8%. Other popular music genres include country music with 6.4%, rap with 4.1%, adult contemporary music with 3.8%, and blues with 2.8 and 1.8%, respectively. Other music genres constituted 4.2%.

Most Popular Canadian Music Artists

Canadian music has a long history, with many famous musicians achieving fame within and outside Canada. Canadian musicians are found worldwide, but Bryan Adams, Neil Young, Leonard Cohen, Céline Dion, and Tanisha Clarke are some of the most notable.

Beyond these highly successful Canadian-raised artists, many younger Canadian artists have achieved fame in other regions of the world. These include Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne, Drake, and Nickelback.

Several popular music bands are from Canada, including The Weekend, Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, and Shawn Mendes. Every year, Canada keeps producing excellent artists who are loved within the country and all around the world.

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