Angeline Tetteh-Wayoe Role in CBC’s “The Block” Will Amplify Music by Black Canadian Artists

Angeline Tetteh-Wayoe is currently hosting CBC’s “The Block” and she believes that she was meant to do this. Many echo the same sentiments saying that she is the perfect person to amplify the black artists in Canada.
Being in CBC radio for twenty years, Angeline has developed a passion for Black music, making it possible for her to elevate the previous challenges. She has made tremendous moves in ensuring she makes her hip-hop music combat racisms.
Each time she becomes better and takes her music to another level predominating in the white sector. It…

Toronto Tanisha Clarke Has Been Making a Name for Herself

Tanisha Clarke is a talented and tycoon in the music industry. She is well-known for producing R&B songs, which makes her unique compared to other artists. Tanisha is a confident, determined, and cheerful artist. Besides, she is not only a singer but also a songwriter of soothing and soulful vocals.
Tanisha’s passion for music commenced early at 12 years where she participated in Toronto Children’s Concert Choir (T3C). The choir strengthened her music skills and she performed confidently at different venues at the age of 18.
She has attended and performed in several events such as Iverna Island and Manifesto’s …

Dijahsb’s Music is Well Deserved

DijahSB is a 27-year old famous Toronto rapper whose fame seems to have come overnight. However, her journey in music has been challenging as she has spent nine years in the studio to perfect her sound and rhymes. Her 2021 single “Throw That Back” appeared at the top list and this brought her to the limelight. She has also rapped in the song “Control,” featuring Brazilian DJ NiLL.
In the song, the two artists appeared as animation characters and this made the video a hit. It attracted more than 90,000 views via the YouTube channel and more than 95,000 streams within two weeks. Plans for releasing other upcoming songs, “…

Toronto Afro-Futurist Borelson Carves a Path that is Unique to Him

Borelson is a Toronto artist who is well-known for multi-genre fusions and spiritual music. His exceptional music makes him unique as a whole. The artists has confessed that his mind has relaxed and the music has stood out compared to others.
Being the Reiki aster has made the artists fused spiritually in the entire production. Recording the uplifting spiritual music has been possible for him, especially at the 432Hz frequency.
Since 2018, the musician has performed on some shows such as Nuit Blanche, SXSW, Afrochic Ghana, and Afrofest. He wrote and directed a docuseries known as “ThisFAR”, where he partnered with …