McPherson: Toronto-Based Entrepreneur Looks to Uplift Career Opportunities for Youth

McPherson, popularly known as Philly, is a Toronto entrepreneur who aims to uplift the career opportunities for marginalized and racialized youth. The Young &Gifted mentorship program that the entrepreneur has started on is On Point Entertainment Company. It has made a tremendous effort to connect the Black, Indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) young people to become leaders.

Through the program, youths aged 15-18 years get an opportunity to discover their talent and develop their areas of interest to practice in post-secondary school. This will give them a chance to work closely with well-renowned entrepreneurs and leaders in that field. Working with other entrepreneurs such as Dushane Farrier of Powered by Fitness and MikeyTheArtist, McPherson has improved the program and engaged his elder brother Duane McPherson of Chosen Athletics.

Also, the program allows younger people in the community to be motivated to become entrepreneurs and executives in well-known companies. Giving back to the community has enabled Philly to develop a strong sense of community and family values.

Philly provides everything an upcoming entrepreneur needs to know concerning running a business. Impacting the young people’s lives will give them positive energy to give back to the community. Being a well-skilled entrepreneur, Philly has a good reputation for mentoring small and medium-sized businesses.

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