Dijahsb’s Music is Well Deserved

DijahSB is a 27-year old famous Toronto rapper whose fame seems to have come overnight. However, her journey in music has been challenging as she has spent nine years in the studio to perfect her sound and rhymes. Her 2021 single “Throw That Back” appeared at the top list and this brought her to the limelight. She has also rapped in the song “Control,” featuring Brazilian DJ NiLL.

In the song, the two artists appeared as animation characters and this made the video a hit. It attracted more than 90,000 views via the YouTube channel and more than 95,000 streams within two weeks. Plans for releasing other upcoming songs, “Head Above the Waters,” are underway. Her fans are assured of more transparent raps with more improved music.

DijahSB has a more structured theme which comes out clearly from her previous albums. The rapper’s passion for spoken words and poetry started when she was young, allowing her to appear as Kzaraw as the stage name and Astro Mega as the producer.

The combined effort resulted in the name DijahSB. Since then, the artist has released several projects such as “Looking at Space From a Submarine, Dead is The Pessimist in Me, “You Are Not My Mans”. Performing on stage with Jay Electronica in 2018 allowed her to appear in the famous #FreestyleFridayBET. More is expected from this artist as her fans expect more witty, transparent, and refined raps.

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